On-Demand Webinar: Are Residential Networks Wreaking Havoc on CX?

On-Demand Webinar for Contact Center Leaders

With anywhere from 20% to 80% of contact center workers expected to work from home indefinitely, contact center and technology leaders should take a close look at the business impact that residential networks have on workforce productivity, contact center operations and customer experience. Could they be wreaking havoc on CX?

Watch our on-demand webinar on Are Residential Networks Wreaking Havoc on CX? and explore:

  • What can (and will) go wrong in remote working environments
  • How does undetected tech disruption impact key business objectives (KBOs) and service level agreements (SLAs)?
  • What level of “technology oversight” is warranted in a residential work setting? When does it become an invasion of privacy? 
  • What processes or programs should enterprises and BPOs be considering in order to reduce the impact of tech disruption on their business?

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