Mobile Device Analytics

With worldwide smartphone shipments hitting record levels in 2015, mobile devices have taken the world by storm. But their ubiquitous nature has created a vicious cycle: more and more mobile device users need more and more capabilities. As the availability of capabilities increases, the user base grows—and the cycle continues.

The impact of this cycle is felt most by device manufacturers, who must compete for market share, and service providers, who must deliver the user experience. Service providers are further hampered by two factors they can’t truly control: content and device quality.

This whitepaper examines these factors in detail, as well as the nature of customer behavior regarding device retention and perception of service quality. It addresses the reasons why customers may switch devices, even during an active contract, and how performance issues can affect the user experience. It also highlights the factor most critical to resolving these problems: the service provider’s ability to quickly and effectively determine which faults can be resolved. By leveraging the Empirix Device Performance and Analytics solution, providers can not only help manage customer-impacting issues, but also actively promote devices that offer their customers the best experiences.

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