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The 5 KPI Classes Driving Customer Experience Management

In today's highly competitive and complex world, building—and sustaining—the customer base has never been more critical for service providers. Customers now have more choices when it comes to devices, services, and applications than ever before, making them more discerning in their service provider selection.

A clear and effective methodology for customer experience management (CEM) can yield tremendous value by adding to brand equity and reducing churn.

It begins with correctly quantifying and measuring the customer experience and using that information to arm the appropriate personnel with the intelligence they need to optimize that experience.

When employed correctly, service providers can greatly differentiate themselves from the competition through CEM.

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  • Understand the evolution of CEM within the service assurance market
  • Realize the common problems service providers face when deploying CEM
  • Know the five KPI classes CEM solutions must encompass to ensure an optimal customer experience

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