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NOC to SOC: A Next-Gen Approach to Understanding and Proactively Assuring Customer Experience

With mobile usage exploding, service providers today are struggling to find the most efficient, elegant solutions for managing growth and effectively ensuring the user experience in real time.

Many operators are saddled with reactive and fragmented monitoring/surveillance solutions. Engineers find themselves running in every direction when customers report problems with data or phone services.

To master these new complexities, smart service providers are evolving from a network-oriented view of their operations to a more service-oriented view, effectively moving from a network operations center (NOC) to a service operations center (SOC).

Moving beyond a model focused on managing only the network infrastructure, the SOC examines services as well as client-server applications for performance and availability, and determines how customers are impacted by detected service issues. This new approach to operational management provides a real-time view of how customers are experiencing each service.

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