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Roaming & Inter-carrier Traffic

Preempt. Perform. Predict.

Optimize customer experience, partner relations and associated revenues with new visibility on interworking

Traffic patterns have become more complex as operators work together to seamlessly support roaming, offer faster access to technology upgrades and cost-effectively deliver service to all corners of the globe. Empirix combines powerful service assurance and analytics technology insight into the quality of voice and data services for both inbound and outbound roaming activities, as well as a seamless understanding of Originating-Destination carrier transfers from a customer experience perspective.

With Empirix, operators can strengthen partnerships, tightly manage SLAs and easily troubleshoot both in- and off-network problems to minimize customer impact and maximize revenues. The solution also offers business intelligence on geographic opportunities, revenue loss from anti-steering and improvements for least cost routing models. The Empirix solution includes:

  • Roaming Analytics - Easily analyze and characterize user behaviors and how traffic travels across different networks under differing conditions. This data can be further analyzed by customer, carrier or device. Armed with this information, operators can make smarter decisions about partnership priorities, pricing plans and how to best cultivate key corporate accounts.
  • Inter-carrier Performance Analysis - Gain seamless visibility into performance across originating and destination call legs, reporting quality metrics before and after handoffs. Alerts on degrading conditions enable carriers using LCR algorithms to quickly reroute traffic to alternative providers while problems are being investigated.
  • Predictive Analytics - Receive proactive assurance with automatic detection, diagnosis and actionable intelligence that alerts operators to subscriber and Quality of Service (QoS) issues as they develop.
  • Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting - Pre-defined reports and a powerful engine with complete access to raw data, user-defined KPIs and historical information streamlines the creation of a wide range of user-defined reports - whether you need to validate SLAs, comply with Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) regulations or analyze profitability by partnership.