Hammer Cloud Platform

Self-service, SaaS-based test automation platform

Hammer Cloud Platform (HCP) is Empirix’s new comprehensive, test automation offering that integrates functional, regression, systems integration, performance, and customer experience testing into an intuitive, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. With HCP, it’s easier than ever for contact center and enterprise network teams to accelerate their software development lifecycles.

HCP is geared toward infrastructure planning, application development (AppDev), DevOps, operations, and quality assurance (QA) teams who execute frequent tests to ensure their contact center applications are primed for business. With the rapid adoption of DevOps methodologies, regular testing has become increasingly vital. HCP eliminates defects caused by rushed release cycles and helps DevOps teams reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), slash rework costs, and provide a truly optimized experience for customers.

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With HCP, cross-functional teams can create, schedule and execute QA test cases, deploy large-scale tests, and run ongoing test scenarios in production environments. Teams can quickly migrate test cases between applications and facilitate workflow efficiencies. Our open APIs allow for integration with configuration management, bug tracking, inventory tracking, and other systems.


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A comprehensive suite of SaaS-based technologies that enable test case design and test automation:

Cross-functional Collaboration

HCP is for teams, including:

  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Capacity Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • Application Development

Hammer On-Demand QA Testing

With Hammer On-Demand QA, quality assurance teams can realize 80% savings in time and effort with the click of a button, all while improving application quality.

QA testing is often resource intensive and inefficient. In fact, most contact centers suffer from poor testing coverage, long test cycles and marginal test quality. Companies have an opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs by aligning proper QA testing processes and resources.


  • Improve CX and UX with fewer service-impacting IVR technology defects
  • Improve technology time-to-market with improved testing coverage
  • Reduce operational troubleshooting costs with fewer defects, issues, outages and rollbacks
  • Transform the QA testing process with design-based execution and DevOps orchestration

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Hammer On-Demand Performance Testing

Ongoing business or technology-driven change could pose significant risk to the stability and performance of your contact center technologies.

The ability to conduct on-demand and frequent performance testing can offer significant benefits for frequent IVR application releases, recurring voice infrastructure operating systems, quarterly upgrades of telephony components, unplanned changes to call routing rules or business hours, and much more.


  • Minimize risk of unexpected production issues by generating desired volume of call traffic immediately after patching, upgrades, or new releases to verify expected performance and stability before go-live
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing the frequency and severity of issues and outages, thereby minimizing allhands troubleshooting efforts
  • Improve customer experience, brand reputation and customer retention by finding and fixing issues before they impact customers

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VoiceWatch leverages Empirix’s extensive testing experience to uniquely identify current and potential problems and root causes.

VoiceWatch uses transactional call flows to navigate the contact center customer’s end-to-end experience through automated applications and systems.

VoiceWatch measures the availability, accuracy, and performance of network components, voice solutions, and back-end database systems to identify degradations or glitches before customers are impacted.

VoiceWatch can be easily customized for each client’s environment, network, systems, and needs, with specific tests, metrics, thresholds, and alerts configured to align with dynamic business demands.

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Hammer CallMaster

Empirix Hammer CallMaster is a sophisticated application used for test development, debug, scheduling, and reporting across the entire testing lifecycle.


  • Leverage same scripts across all phases of testing-feature/regression, and ongoing management
  • Automatic generation of comprehensive test scripts and documentation from a call flow diagram
  • Built-in reporting capability
  • Ability to remotely control and debug scripts, including remote audio

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Success Stories

M&S Money Case Study

Leading financial services organisation relies on Empirix hosted service to ensure two million credit card holders are handled through its multi-site, high-volume virtual contact center.

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Key Materials

Blog: Empirix® Helps CEHE Confidently Migrate to Five9 Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

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Hammer Cloud Platform Datasheet

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Hammer CallMaster Datasheet

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VoiceWatch Datasheet

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Deploy on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure

Flexible test topology

Entire SDLC testing

Accelerate release cycles

Prevent rollbacks

Increase test coverage

Identify customer-impacting defects

Reduce unplanned downtime (MTTR)

Reduce TCO

Execute tests in bulk

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